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“Learning The Language of Autism”

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“Learning The Language of Autism”
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For an application, please send an email to info@talkingplayhouse.com


Available Positions: Speech/Language Pathologists with a passion for children who need help with Social-Cognitive issues. Contact info@talkingplayhouse.com.


Jennifer Abbott Bulka, M.A., SLP-CCC License #14006, is a specialist in Asperger's (now "High Functioning Autism") NLD (difficulty reading nonverbal communication), ADHD and Executive Function (logistical and cognitive organization.) She is a California State certified therapist in pragmatic and social skills therapy. Ms. Bulka became a speech, language & audiology therapist over 25 years ago in San Francisco working with children on the autism spectrum. Her clients at The Talking Playhouse range from children to adults, starting at age four.

Ms. Bulka has been a student of the brain and neuroscience for the last 10 years and has integrated, practical methodologies into her practice that, with the diligence of practice do change behaviors which neuroscience says can change the brian. After working in Silicon Valley's tech industry with engineers as a producer and corporate media trainer, Ms. Bulka returned to the field to specialize in social cognitive therapy convinced from fMRIs and other neuroscience based research that the antidotes for changing social behavior lie in a linguistic paradigm. The foundations for decreasing social challenges start with language; the language can change the behavior. The roots of all social progress start with verbal or nonverbal language--of which Ms. Bulka is an expert in.

Past experience includes: Peninsula Associates, the Morgan Center for Autism and the San Carlos School District, including the special day class for preschoolers with moderate to severe social pragmatic and communication issues. Ms. Bulka was a volunteer for the NLD Association (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) before it disbanded in California. She is a big fan of Michelle Garcia Winner’s approach to working with ‘Social Thinking’ and Dr. Barry Prizant who co-authored and co-developed the SCERTS program (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support.

Memberships (current or past) include The Autism Society of America, Parents Helping Parents (PHP), California Speech & Hearing Association (CSHA) & San Mateo Speech & Language Association (SMCSLHA.) Volunteer and philanthropic endeavors have included Meals on Wheels, Biz World, Save The Children, and Unicef among others. Currently, Ms. Bulka lives in the Bay Area with her family and enjoys hanging out with her 12 year old son and doggie "Uncle Albert," or eating at her favorite restaurant, Howie's Artisan Pizza and playing tennis when not working with groups at the Playhouse.