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Social Skills, Anxiety Therapy,

Executive Function Therapy for Adults

Young Adult & Adult Coaching for Social Intelligence & Skills, Managing Life's schedules or Reducing Anxiety is hard to find. You've come to the place however there's a better website just for over 18. Please go to our other website


It only takes a <social> moment to understand many things about people in your work and social life, for example: It only takes a moment to… …know if you want to hang with a person …know if you are well matched with a team …know if you are the right hire for the job… …know if you want someone on your team …know if you are a powerhouse or powerless …know if someone likes you …know if you are open or rigid …know if you are empathetic …know if you are a ‘team player’ …know if you are manageable …know if you are sincere …know if you are fun to “hang” with …know if you’ll have my back …know if you are earnest/honest …know if you are going to be difficult …know if you need to be ‘managed’ …know if you are high or low on EQ …know if you have a good disposition or not …know if you are in a good or grumpy mood …know if it’s a good time!

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